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dpalomaki 02-28-2014 09:52 AM

More Panasonic AG-1980 Capacitor Repair Questions
Follow up to information in the earlier thread on this subject

rumburaski mentioned $75 for ~35 caps - is that just the Y/C board, or the number (of the ~135 total E-caps) in the beast that typically need to be replaced?

Or do essentialy all E-caps need to be replaced on all boards?

Are the other than electrolytics normally OK?

My AG-1980 has very dim display, the "barber pole" on color, and occsionally spontaneous turn-off. On the other hand my AG-1970 seems to be happy.


NJRoadfan 02-28-2014 01:36 PM

The ceramic and tantalum capacitors usually don't go bad. The electrolytics are the weak point in these.

dpalomaki 03-04-2014 02:24 PM

I ran acrost this - a very interesting article.

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