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javapop 11-05-2015 08:28 AM

UVW-1400 Betacam SP deck tracking adjustment?
I have a deck I'm using to digitize some of my older news tapes. Had a bit of a tracking issue seen here:

There's a switch on the SS-61 board for adjusting (SS-53 on the UVW-1800) that allows adjustments of tracking. The service manual says to push reset (NO) button the after after adjusting tracking and the video tracking is reset to the tracking center position.

Seems to reset though after powering down.

Any clues on locking in the adjustment I made? I was able to completely clean up the image through a minor adjustment. Would like to lock in that adjustment.

Not a lot of areas to find people familiar with these, It's very similar to the UVW-1800.

lordsmurf 01-04-2016 07:58 AM

What I see is some sort of odd extended head-switching noise, not tracking noise.

At worst, you could re-matte the video, cutting off the head noise at bottom, and re-center the image. There should be enough room to do this, and still have the new black matte stay in the overscan area. It wasn't horrible.

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