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tha_hoodie_monster 12-13-2015 08:29 PM

JVC VHS-C GR-35U camera plays sound, but no video?
Trying to convert videos of my wife's childhood from the late 80's/early 90's, and I have the original camcorder from her parents. Its only playing back the sound from the tapes though, and the picture is just static. Turning the tracking dial on the camcorder seems to have no effect at all. This camera seems to be in mint condition. I literally had to open the packing to use the av out to tv cord. The only major issue is I don't have the battery charger/power supply, so I'm using a hard drive power supply which seems to be powering it perfectly. Anybody have any clues as why there's no picture? Am I just not using the camera correctly? I've tried multiple tapes and they all do the same thing. And I've tried fast forwarding and rewinding them all the way. No luck.

Goldwingfahrer 12-14-2015 03:29 AM

Try it with another VHS-C camera or with a feeder

I stayed here as a reserve even an old S-VHS-C camera.
But they need very rarely, there are proper studio feeder that such tapes without adapter Play be able SP and LP

Maybe it works also with an adapter on a VHS recorder.

shown similar here

lordsmurf 01-03-2016 09:52 AM

Most VHS-C cameras made for terrible players, even with the tapes the camera recorded itself. The format is very flimsy, and is easily "eaten" by cameras and plastic VHS adapters. The ideal way is to locate a metal JVC CP7U adapter, and use a known-good VCR (the Panasonic AG-1980 NTSC, or PAL equivalent).

We adopted S-VHS-C in the 90s, and that was a bad move in hindsight. We should have used Hi8 for the family videos.

Goldwingfahrer 01-03-2016 10:30 AM


JVC CP7U adapter


We should have used Hi8 for the family videos.
now it's too late to say that the customer

lordsmurf 01-03-2016 10:33 AM

Yep, CP6U shown there. I think the CP5U is one as well. The 7U came with our S-VHS-C cameras.

Too late? Eh, not really. Everybody needs to learn from their mistakes, not be coddled. I make tons of mistakes myself, even now. VHS-C was a mistake for the same reasons that H.264 cameras or camera phones are mistakes. People will regret it in time.

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