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12-29-2015, 05:12 AM
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OK - full disclosure: I probably caused this problem!

I had taken apart the VCR removed the mechanism (by following the instructions in the service manual, which I found from the links on this forum - thanks) to make a temporary repair to the loading motor's plastic worm gear, which was split (see last post in Panasonic NV-HS 860 won't load tape, how to fix?). The VCR was at least attempting to load the tape (i.e. loading motor spinning)

I have reassembled but I must have jiggered something because unit does not try to load the cassette when inserted - i.e. no power sent to the loading motor. So I hoping that it is something simple I have got wrong when reassembling - e.g. microswitch not engaging properly that senses presence of the tape. Obviously I have inspected everything and it seems fine *to my inexperienced eye*. When I turn the worm gear by hand a few revolutions (lowering the carriage), the loading motor powers up and returns the carriage to the top position - so it is connected to the power OK. I have put a voltmeter across the loading motor terminals whilst pushing a tape in to verify that the motor is indeed getting 0V.

I have read scanned the service manuals (including the Z mechanism troubleshooting hints) but found nothing. I don't think there are any fault codes since what I have seen on the internet suggests that I would see a "FXX" number when I press Eject + FF for 3 seconds (if there is a concise, idiots-guide to the diagnostic functions of this machine I would really appreciate a link - I am struggling to make sense of what I am reading on the web!)

In case anyone knows what this means here is what I get when I cycle through the information (by pressing Eject + FF again)

0 00 00
1 03 00
2 00 04
3 00 00
4 00
5 11 00
6 -1 00
7 00 00

Many thanks in advance for any info.


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Well I have *some* success. I found the explanation of what the diagnostic modes are in the Z-mechanism service manual (best quality version that I have found is downloadable here http://www.download-service-manuals....jtouj59lr7a635).

Using service mode 7, it is possible to control the loading motor "manually" - that mode allows you to run the load motor forwards /backwards by pressing the play/stop button. So I have successfully loaded a tape by putting in the machine and then going into service mode, running the service motor until the tape is fully loaded. I then have to turn the VCR off and back on again to play the tape but hey - it is an improvement and I can now play tapes. Thought I would share that "tip" in case anyone else had similar issues.

Following a successful load (by using the service mode) and ejection of the tape, the unit does sometimes work normally - i.e. if I push the tape back in, the load motor kicks in automatically like it should. But I find that if I remove the tape and put it in again the unit does not work.

Can anyone tell me how does the unit normally sense the presence of a tape (and thus knows to turn on the loading motor)? Is it simply that the stoppers on the cassette hold unit are pressed - or does it detect movement of the mechanism? If I knew how it is meant to work it might give me a clue what I have messed up.

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01-02-2016, 03:54 AM
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For something like this, a photo is needed. We need to look at it.

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