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02-03-2016, 12:18 PM
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Hello and thanks for reading!

I purchased this some time ago for it's Commercial Advance feature. It worked well for quite some time. DVDs came along and I put the unit into storage.

Recently my grand-kids were interested in 'old school' cartoons and I have some great ones on VHS.

I hooked up this unit and played a tape. Upon ejection, the case ejected, but the tape was retained inside. It was a junk tape so I pulled it until the tape broke. Dumb, I know. However, subsequent tapes played just fine, ejected fine, etc. I breathed a sigh of relief and moved on with playing tapes and eventually to setup.

During this time, after about 30 minutes of using the machine and in the middle of setup, the unit powered off.

Now, upon startup (with the RF connected or not), the unit goes into 'AUTO' mode, completes that and powers down. No time is displayed. Upon power up, the same sequence occurs.

It will take a tape and immediately eject it, and go into the AUTO mode, as above.

I'm not sure where to look. There might be some startup sequence that's failing.

I did see a thread about gears under the heads, for Dynamic Drum Alignment as I recall. However that thread spoke to units that do not go into the AUTO mode.

I have the Service Manual for the HR-S9600EU, but it has no 'Symptom' and 'What to do' chart.

Is there any 'reset' sequence?

If any have any experience or guidance, I would like to revive this unit rather than buy another one.

Thanks in advance,
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