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01-05-2017, 07:20 PM
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I have been using a JVC SR-V10U to record tapes to DVD. It has worked well with most tapes, but recently it started having problems with any tape. I've tried a lot of different tapes but all I can see is the dreaded blue screen. I've gone through the menu and made adjustments and cleaned the heads but nothing has helped. I'm wondering if the unit is just showing it's age, or if there's some other type of adjustment that can be made. I can FF and REV and the video appears but in PLAY mode it's just a blue screen. Does anyone have any explanation or advice? Thanks.
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01-11-2017, 05:22 AM
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One of the SR-V10U decks here started to not play tapes about a year ago. Because there are multiple VCRs available, it's simply not been used. We've not yet had time to look into it. This VCR wasn't giving a solid blue screen, but some sort of distorted signal when a tape was played. It looked like the old cable channels that were being scrambled. If you had cable in the 80s or 90s, you surely saw this effect. The blue screen was intermittent.

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08-07-2018, 08:01 AM
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Iím having the same issue. This occurred a few years back and I couldnít get it to work. I got it out again and it seemed to work fine. Now itís doing the same thing where it shows video in FF and REV, but only blue screen in play.
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08-07-2018, 11:19 AM
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I ended up sending this unit to Deter to have him look at it. There were issues with the heads which were causing the problem and would have been expensive to fix. So I traded him for a different model (HR-S9900U) that he had refurbished. This unit has worked great. You might message him and discuss the options.
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08-07-2018, 11:21 AM
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Simple thing to try since it gets overlooked. If it hasn't been done already, try cleaning the fixed head for the linear audio and control track (its between the video head and the pinch roller in the tape transport).
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