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10-30-2017, 09:22 AM
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Hello folks !

I am trying to fix a Panasonic W1 VCR, I think that something was wrong in the alignmennt but now that everything has been dismounted and cleaned up I got difficulties to reasssemble all pieces .

It could be great if someone can send me some pictures of the mechanisme (two sides) in eject (or stop mode).

Great thank you for your help !!!!!
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Someday, 12:01 PM
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12-13-2017, 10:30 AM
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I long ago learned the lesson of taking photos before dismantling. Like you, a lesson learned the hard way. Oops. Thankfully this isn't too obscure of a deck, and you just need to connect to a fellow owner. I hope you find one.

Please post any images here, to help others in your same pickle in the future.

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12-14-2017, 03:54 AM
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This deck plays both the VHS-C and VHS tapes via the same slot and I have never even seen one in person and have never felt the need to buy one as plain VHS decks are hard enough! But yes, I agree - take photos of EVERYTHING as it is easy to forget even the 'most obvious' thing when you come to re-assemble.

I'm going to change the timing chain in my car soon (Skoda S105) and despite never taking on such a task before, I know by taking many photos I will see what was where so no problems with messing up the timing.
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