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04-30-2018, 12:25 PM
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Hello everyone. My D-VHS JVC HR-DM10000 has a strange problem: it perfectly reads tapes recorded in analogue LP (VHS and S-VHS) and in digital (STD and LS3) but very badly the analog VHS and S-VHS tapes recorded at SP speed (standard play). In SP the image jumps vertically and suffers from video noise (sandy images); if I insert the DIGITAL TBC / DNR the image stops jumping but continues to vibrate vertically and the video noise remains. The even stranger thing is that activating the slow motion (still / frame by frame / cue forward or back) the image is perfect again even in SP until I go into normal play: at that point the image remains stable and clean for exactly two seconds and then back to vibrate (if TBC on) or to jump (if TBC off) with the usual video noise. I tried to remove the B.E.S.T. and to adjust the tracking manually but the image gets even worse. I opened the chassis and found in the power supply 4 broken capacitors: I changed them with new capacitors but without solving anything. I also tried to change the digital card that is on the bottom of the device (but always without success). The left and right guide rollers run all the way down without apparent problems (I also cleaned the plastic rails with isopropyl alcohol and then lubricated with molikote) but I do not think they can be the culprits if the LP and in digital SP / LP everything works perfectly . At this point I'm thinking that the problem is some damn condenser somewhere but I do not know where. I'm doing it wrong? Please, would anyone have any idea what this failure could do and how could I solve it? Thank you all.
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