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01-31-2019, 07:19 PM
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The loading tray in my 1000 was misaligned, so I removed it and re-aligned the cogs on the left. It loads correctly now.

However something new is wrong, because when I power it on and try to insert a cassette, as soon as the "Cassette In" leaf switch closes, the loading/threading motor starts spinning and it starts threading instead of loading.

With the power off, I manually moved everything back to the unloaded/unthreaded state, but as soon as I power on and insert the same thing - tape doesn't load but it threads.

The solenoid/plunger is working, and I can see the arm select one gear or the other. But it never turns on the motor when it's in the loading position. It almost seems to be choosing the wrong gear. Pretty much the instant the "Cassette In" switch goes, it starts threading.

It's acting like it thinks the cassette is loaded, but I checked the "Cassette Down" switch, and it's working (pushing it down manually causes a cassette image to appear on the screen.

What else could be causing this?
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