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06-23-2019, 06:20 AM
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So sadly my Panasonic DMR-ES10 suddenly stopped turning on, just as I was about to really start digitizing some tapes using that and my Sony EV-T2. It had been standing still for a while, the Panasonic.

I took the thing apart and looked at the board. I'm by no means any good at electronic repairs so I'm not an expert of identifying faulty components. There's some other threads with the same issue on this model and I even found a nice video from a decade ago where a guy shows how he fixed it on his ES10 but his board seems to be different (maybe because his is a US version and mines for the EU market?)

I took a couple of pics:

One that stands out to me is the C1707. Its bulging a bit, but is it enough to assume its the culprit? (if the problem is infact even one of the caps)... and if so, can I just buy something like this to replace it with?

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06-23-2019, 11:46 AM
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The C1707 looks like it's bulging yeah. That one, and the other cap of the same type had started leaking on my ES10 as you can see in this picture: caps.jpg.
It powered up fine, but I replaced them anyhow, as leaking caps are bound to cause problems.

I replaced them with panasonic caps like these: EEUFK0J681. Not sure if I would trust aliexpress with capacitors, it's not like caps cost much in any case.

On mine the S-Video inputs don't have color, and two of the stereo audio RCA jacks (don't remember if it was in or output) at the back didn't work. I suspect the bad caps may have resulted in some damage to the A/D chip. Someone at VH had the same issue with S-Video on the ES15 and in their case they had it confirmed with a serviceperson that the chip was bad.

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