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08-11-2019, 03:21 PM
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Hey everyone!

Haven't posted on here for a while but I can't seem to formulate my question in such a way for Google to give me an answer so I'm turning directly to you guys. I feel like this thread is kind of spammy as it's probably gonna be short and not generate much discussion but here I go anyway.

In late 90's, early noughties VCRs (I'm looking at the JVC HR-S9700EU in particular) does the fact that the Power Supply is on the same board as all the other circuitry rather than being on a separate power board affect the image quality in a noticeable way? I remember hearing that when it's on the same board the AC line generates more interference compared to a VCR where the high voltage part is in a metal shield on a separate board.

I'm attaching a pretty low-res screenshot of the internals of that VCR to illustrate what I mean, notice the PSU on the right on the same board and with no shielding (on a side note it seems like a bit of a shock hazard ).

Thanks for reading and again sorry for the sort of needless thread, I'm sure that with a bit more digging I'd be able to find the answer but it's getting late and I'm pretty tired.
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08-12-2019, 05:31 PM
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Screenshot didn't attach.
Try again: How to Properly Upload Images and Attach Files to This Site

But yes, some models of decks are infamous for noise leeching into the unit. You also see a lot of that with units that have fans, must be modified in some cases. Electrical interference noise is a problem in general for video.

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