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dima 08-30-2019 01:15 AM

Pinch roller: condition, application, action.
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1. Should the new pinch roller (unused) look like the pictures attached to the post ? Is it renovated or something ? Experienced experts should know that I think.
[Purchased as new. I know that the white dust that can be seen in the pictures should not be on it.] I ask for help if possible.

2. Is it whether and how the pinch roller presses the tape against its path matters for the quality of the displayed image ? Force with which tape tightens etc. ? [I know that e.g. a bad pinch roller can cause physical damage to the VHS tape - this is not the case I am talking about. I am talking about such a case, when everything is good in terms of the tape - without causing damage to it, and only, for example, the pinch roller pressure is too weak or at a slightly wrong angle(a wrong angle can cause a "bad tracking effect" surely - that's my guess. I think mainly about the downforce, but also about the angle) - example].

josem84 08-30-2019 09:39 AM

The pinch roller looks ok to me. You know you have to change it when the surface becomes polished, loosing its ruberyness. A worn out pinch roller is the number 1 cause for tape curling.

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