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TheDudeWhoDV 02-01-2020 06:49 PM

Turtle Beach Santa Cruz not capturing audio?
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I am having some troubles with Capturing any Audio to my Workflow. Everything should be plugged into the right place — speakers are working — sound card is fine. Any suggestions from here forward?

lordsmurf 02-01-2020 07:17 PM

3 hardware options for audio

1. bypass all ATI, stereo mini > RCA converter, to TBSC input (not mic)
2. internal aux cable between ATI and TBSC, use purple dongle/box for RCA in
3. ATI loopback cable from ATI wire bundle to TBCS input (not mic), use purple dongle/box for RCA in

In software, install drives, do not use TBSC software (use plain Windows XP controls)
Expand recording/playback options (Advanced), show all inputs/outputs
Mute any unused in/outputs + drop to no volume (should it ever unmute)

1. input selected under recording
2. AUX selected under recording
3. input selected under recording

Never exceed 50% value, otherwise audio recordings can be distorted, volume too high.

Quality speakers are suggested, either reference-grade or near reference-grade (frequent response curves are close). I use MH-500 Monsoons (sub + 2x sats + puck, never buy incomplete package).

TheDudeWhoDV 02-02-2020 01:00 PM

Here’s what I’m looking at. Hi-8 Cam > S-Video & Audio Cable > Purple Wire Bundle > Blue “Line-in” to Santa Cruz from Black Cable. My recording settings are set to “Line-in” through the Santa Cruz Menu.

No Cables are connected to the Black Domino // Only the Purple Domino Bundle.

You are saying to navigate the sound from the XP Software but I am unable to find this.. Does that mean through the onboard sound device software? Also, do I need any specific Codecs to get audio through VirtualDub?

Important to Note: The S-Video is Selected as Video Input in VirtualDub // Santa Cruz is Selected as Audio Input.

I’m thinking that the Line-in cable may be bad or maybe a bad card, but I get sound from the speakers through the TBSC.

TheDudeWhoDV 02-02-2020 01:23 PM

Also, do you know if the All-in-Wonder X800XL PCIE has a connector for an Aux? I might just go that route if I can.

BW37 02-02-2020 06:13 PM

Try bypassing the AIW for sound. Use an RCA to 3mm stereo adapter to go straight into the line in on the sound card. The pcie AIWs can capture the audio so they don't just pass it through like the other ones. I only got sound capture by doing so on my X1800XL. It might be doable through the AIW but I gave up trying :rolleyes:


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