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ginopilotino 02-14-2020 04:16 AM

Capturing damaged tape, curled VHS-C?
I found a damaged s-vhsc tape I want to capture.
Tape was a standard vhsc perforated to used as s-vhsc. It's LP also :eek:
Physically the tape appears a little curled for about 1mm to the upper edge.
Trying to play (JVC S5800 pal) directly on tv is a disaster, with a large noisy bw speckled band in the upper side.
The strange thing is that if I pause, the image is quite good. I tried to disable digital tracking and fine tune, the upper side improve, but begin to appear white dots everywhere.

I didn't try to capture directly on mxo2, watching the preview is useless even if it doesn't lose frames.

I got an es10 and two DVK-100 (to be sure it works).
So, my actual workflow (PAL) is:
JVC S5800 > ES10 > DVK-100 > mxo2 mini

At a first test in preview, there is a big improvement, but I can see a vertical flickering.
Some frame/movies later.

ginopilotino 02-16-2020 04:13 AM

I tested the same workflow with a sony HF950 betamax. I got the same vertical flickering.
Removing the es10 from the chain, it desapear. Bad caps? I have to get another es10/15.

ginopilotino 02-16-2020 10:26 AM

It seems the same problem here in the second sample:

ginopilotino 02-17-2020 02:14 AM

Interesting thread on videohelp:

The tape of my s-vhsc is in similar conditions.

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