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Tom_n_Jonna 06-21-2007 12:09 PM

Trouble with v1900 AIW, ATI shut itself down?
Hi guys...need some help.

I've been searching the net and have found nothing but conflicting info.

I picked up an ATI x1900 AIW and installed Catalyst 7.1, then MMC 9.15 and my system started uncontrolably rebooting itself. It would start, get into windows XP, then shut itself down again.

I have an ASUS board using an AMD X2 5200+.

Any suggestions besides getting another board? Which versions of Catalyst and MMC can I safely use and still leverage the capabilities of the board?


wheezer210 06-21-2007 12:54 PM

I had an AIW x800xt for a LONG time, and I always used the 5.10 drivers and the MMC 9.06. (never updated even for gaming)

No matter what I did, if I used any other driver combo my pc crashed like a mofo but using these it aways worked.

here are the 5.10:

here is the mmc 9.06:

good luck I know what a frustrating pain in the arse driver combinations can be.

Tom_n_Jonna 06-21-2007 08:51 PM

Thanks Wheezer...

I checked these out....seems 5.10 does not have native x1900 support. Not sure how that will work, but am desparate enough to try it anyway at this point. More to come.


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