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06-30-2020, 01:55 AM
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Someone asked for a pinout for this cards optional AV/IO connector on the card.

It was sold in 2008 and came either without the AV/IO connector bracket, or with the AV/IO connector bracket. Its very rare to find the bracket even if the card itself is sold. Many either left it in the box, or never bothered to remove it while removing the card.

They had stopped printing manuals explaining the AV/IO connector usage by this time, but a "slightly better" pdf manual embedded within the device driver installer gave some idea of what the connectors were for.

Wieson provided the S_Video/CVBS connectors, which were 7 pin, but only 3 pins were used, the remaining pins were used for ground. There was no purple Barney puck to deal with and they had long abandoned breakout cables. The AV/IO connector was obviously an after thought since by this late date people were only using TV tuner cards for Personal Video Recorders with Windows Media Center.. ATI's MultiMediaCenter was no longer included.

Here is the pinout.

20 pin connector, silk screen white arrow on the purple card (lower Left pin) marks Pin #-1

-3 Chroma-In
-4 audioL-In
-7 Chroma-Out
-8 Y-out
-9 PR-out
10 PB-out

follow the pins and make a u-turn to reach pin #11

14 audioR-In
15 Luma-Out
16 CVBS-Out
19 Luma-In
20 CVBS-In

I would not pay attention to the Outputs, and focus on the Inputs

A pre-wired female plug into the 20p connection and wired to one of the Hauppauge AV back plate connectors with the


Should provide all that is needed to capture video with sound

The card itself has an HDMI and a DVI connector so that is basically all that is necessary to max out the use of the card

This card has (no) HD YPrPb (Inputs) only (Outputs)

The capture chip is the HD Theater 650, which encoded to MPEG2 but did not decode. So it had to be used with Windows Media Center for capture and playback on XP or Vista. It was the equivalent of the USB plastic "butter dish" capture devices with a PCI express interface. It came after the Theater 550 chip and cable box and tuner cards.

This was a DirectX 10 and 10.1 card (Vista 32/64 drivers) but never received a Windows 7 update to its drivers, though the Vista drivers reportedly worked in Windows 7.

Sometimes ATI/AMD included an extra DirectShow pin for Preview which VirtualDub could use for Uncompressed 4:2:2 video capture.. but I have not verified that for this card.

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