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01-21-2022, 02:53 PM
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It's part of the same lineup of dvd/hdd-recorders as the ES15 so the dvd-recorder side pretty similar to what's in that model I think. It's basically just a dvd-recorder with a vcr permanently connected to it. On the NTSC panasonic changed things with both the standalone and combo units for the units newer than this one (dmr-ezxxx) which use a completely different chipset so those are probably not all that great at stabilization.

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01-21-2022, 03:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Eric-Jan View Post
Only thing that needs some attention is de-interlacing, you should not notice "saw tooths" with fast movements on edges in the image, experiment with the comb filter off or on in the ES35V system menu
Comb filter doesn't affect deinterlacing; it's how luma is separated from chroma for composite input. "On" enables the 3D comb filter. (And this option is only available on the PAL models; on NTSC models it's always on.)
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01-22-2022, 06:57 AM
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Originally Posted by brock20 View Post
I was going to post the same thing. Going through DMR-ES35V seems to have fixed some issues I have had with certain tapes. Didn't know if it was just by luck or if this device has the functionality others have mentioned the ES-10 and ES-15 have.
It certainly has, and maybe even better, in case of VHS, because it has a VHS deck in it, and don't have to use the composite or s-video circuitry of the ES35V, i can only speak for the model i use, which is the multi-tv system standard and with the SCART connections, which differs from the US/NTSC model, but both have the DMR-ES35V model type notation.
The DMR-ES35V is a recorder combo that came out just about at the end of the VHS era, hence the build-in DVD recorder deck in it, but is an allround device, which is great to have, without the ES35V other options would be: miniDV or Digital8 devices which also have video/audio inputs that are capable as (Firewire)passthrough, or record from their inputs, butů. some of these can even be restricted by local law for copyright restrictions.
Without a combo like the ES35V or dvd recorder like the ES10/15 things are getting harder to do, there are some folow-ups models of these Panasonics, but you have to check the pdf manuals for that, the ManualsLib website is the best source for that, and is free for use, no account/fee needed. even service manuals are available.
Time Base Correctors are very rare, and mostly only available in the US, because many where used pro wise by local tv-studios/stations to make recordings "fit" to broadcast standard, and to sync with other equipment,
Recorded analog video signals on (any) tape are just not stable when played without a TBC, and there are different kind of TBC's so you have to know your thing what to buy, or use for it.
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01-22-2022, 09:05 AM
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Just to add some info: don't put your hope up on devices that have HDMI output and using HDMI or converter in between to capture that way, this method will fail most of the time, there are some combinations of these with HDMI solid state recorders too, but you need to know exactly how such a use-case was accomplished, with that exact hardware that was used, one deviation from that is already a failpoint.
Also watch carefully for the naming between composite and component these two are much different !
technically s-video gives slightly better image quality,compaired to composite, but in some cases not, due to the combination of equipment or settings.
avoid using capturing via a SCART cable, or too long cables, because interferrence of signals inside or outside will have affect.

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