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08-24-2020, 09:10 AM
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Howdy all!

While I wait for the rest of my 'proper' capture setup to arrive (thanks Lordsmurf!) I thought I'd noodle around with what I have on hand. The two devices in question are ancient cards that I've had in storage for a number of years. I had no real expectations of performance or quality here but I'm curious to hear how these captures hold up to better gear.

To my eye, the GameBridge USB device seems to have much better color and contrast, where the Asus card blows out highlights and colors seem faded. Motion at the beginning of the clip was also strange, and occured through multiple playbacks of that particular scene on the Asus card.

Workflow is as follows:
JVC SR-VS30 VCR --> DMR-ES10 --> VirtualDub 1.09, captured losslessly with HuffYUV codec.

No post processing or de-interlacing was done, clips were simply added to a 1080p timeline in Kdenlive and synchronized.


Happy to upload the clip directly to the forum, I just wasn't sure what the preferred container/codec/compression levels for this sort of test would be.
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Someday, 12:01 PM
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08-24-2020, 10:30 AM
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Is the tape an official Lion King release? In that case the glitching may be due to macrovision, the ES10 will output macrovision if it sees it on the input side, and not all capture cards like it.

Looks like the Gamebridge may be based around a CX25840. I think it's what the CX2310x chip used in diamond VC500, Hauppage USB-live2 and a bunch of other newer usb dongles is based around (but that one integrates USB bridge as well.)
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08-24-2020, 01:43 PM
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Youtube is not the best way to make capture comparison, Always post a sample here or from your cloud account with no access restriction.
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