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09-10-2020, 02:22 PM
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How far can I improve the quality of playback of creased\chewed tapes by upgrading my player?
(I already use a TBC). I have already accepted the fact that I cannot repair the creased tape physically.

I have read about piezo heads that can track damaged tracks and about professional decks. Can you share your experiences in improving the playback of creased\chewed tapes by changing the player? Are there any comparison videos available?

Thanks a lot.
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09-10-2020, 03:01 PM
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When it comes to Video8/Hi8 tapes, non-VHS, that have been creased and chewed, you're pretty much SOL. Unlike VHS, the tracking data is saved into a conrrol track on the tape itself. When that's damaged, there's no tracking it. Even a mild error, that wouldn't have damaged a VHS tape much, or at all, can completely screw up a Hi8/V8 to the point of unplayability.

There is a small chance you can iron the tapes, but that's something I've not yet attempted.

I don't relish your situation.

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