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10-16-2020, 05:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Glitchy Windows 3.1 View Post
I don't know what you mean by random eBay purchase
What you describe in a random eBay purchase.

it was listed as "out of the box" as he did take it out but the seller did not say it was used and was new as the cables were in its original packaging.
Most sellers, apparently including that one, wouldn't know a capture card from a potato.

I was going to ask if hold it off until I have the money but I assumed
I hold things with a deposit. You should have asked.

Possibly, but let me tell you this, when I had those easycap cards I decided to use virtualdub 1.10.4 at the time, and guess what...it crashed similarly to what is happening now. Although I do not know if this justifies that the pinnacle 510 card is not a variable
The Easycap crashing has nothing to do with Pinnacle variables in the cards. There's really not much that can be ascertained from either situation right now. Too many unknowns.

Well it is because it has a admin password that no one knows
(1) Guides exist to reset this.
(2) Failing that, reformat, reinstall Windows. Assuming you have the disc, or key. Or MSDN.

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