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10-11-2016, 03:37 PM
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Hi there,

My name is Rob, I'm from Australia. I noticed you were quite knowledgeable on the forum and thought id ask your opinion on some things.. if thats cool!?

Basically, long time shooter (digital anamorphic) and am currently trying to get into some S-VHS shooting.

I have purchased a Panasonic NV-MS1 S-VHS camera which is in great condition. Do you have any comment on this camera?

Basically trying to get my head around a few things:

1. A simple - but valid question. Where does one buy blank good quality S-VHS tapes from these days?

2. I will be using the MS1 camera to record and also feed the footage back into the computer (IMAC). Is this a suitable device to be the 'player'? given its Panasonic I would have thought it would suffice - after the best quality I can get.

3. What is the ideal capture device for this setup? I have been looking at these

ION Capture

ELGATO Capture

Are either of these good? I would go S-VIDEO from MS1 into one of these then USB into computer.

4. Any other tips for getting a good feed into the computer?

Thanks for your time and hope you can be of some help to me.

Thank you

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10-28-2016, 03:41 PM
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Both of those captures cards are terrible. The ATI 600 USB, or certain Pinnacles, and some clones, would be far better.

For blank S-VHS tapes, not sure. eBay and Amazon, of course. But most of the blank tape houses from the 90s are either out of business, or swapped over to new media.

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