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11-16-2020, 11:05 AM
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Hi. I seldom post anything, so pardon me if this is not got technique.

I have done VHS analog to digital a couple times of the years and it has always been a finicky process of loading drivers, codecs and other software. I have always done simple MPEG capturing but am wanting to do better quality with AVI with VirtualDub and huff codec

I am trying to keep everything as simple as possible and load as little software as possible to reduce the change of things conflicting and causing problems

My issue is last time I tried things worked ok except that i was getting incorrect color bands/blotches where they shouldn't be. I noticed that where things should be black due to dark environments would have areas of blue or another color floating around in that area instead of being total black areas.

Is there anything obvious about this situation? Am I missing a codec (I loaded almost none)?

thanks for any help or feedback
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01-01-2021, 10:28 AM
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Sample needed.
That sounds odd, unsure of issue without sample, but codec not likely.

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