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Hangle 12-12-2020 05:15 PM

Green AVT-8710 working correctly?
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Hello! I recently purchased a green AVT 8710 and was wondering if this image is to be expected. I have a VHS player with line TBC coming, so these were without any other TBC.

JVC S6900 > ATI 600 > VirtualDub
JVC S6900 > AVT 8710 (-2 Brightness) > ATI 600 > VirtualDub

All connections using new Pearstone s-video cables, and the same level settings within VirtualDub. I ran the AVT for over 5 hours without any noticeable overheating. And both the VHS player and AVT are plugged into a PSU.

It seems that there are some horizontal lines/flickering that is more noticeable when using the TBC. Is there something I can do to remove them or is this just the cost of using a frame TBC?

Any help would be great, thanks!

lordsmurf 12-12-2020 06:33 PM

The TBC connections may be worn out. That's not normal.

Hangle 12-13-2020 08:33 AM

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Thanks for the reply. Uh oh, I was afraid something was off... I'll do another test once the VHS player with line TBC arrives, but looks like the AVT's going back.

I think for now this is my best option:

JVC S6900 > ES10 > DVK-200 > ATI 600 > VirtualDub (all s-video)

lordsmurf 12-31-2020 06:11 AM

I loaned a then-not-working TBC to jwillis last year (or early this year). I'd given up. He saw what I did not: salt buildup on the connectors. I had gotten it cheap/free from California many moons earlier. Ocean salt air got into it.

After cleaning the TBC was "fine" (ended up being a "black" clone, not "green").

My lesson: look closer.
Your lesson: ditto.

bookemdano 12-31-2020 09:32 AM

Also, might be worth trying a different power supply if you can obtain a suitable replacement (see the other thread posted today about the specifics--note it must have the negative pole on the tip/center--most every other 12V adapter you'll find has a positive tip).

It may not solve your problem, but power supplies can cause all kinds of wacky issues so is worth a shot.

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