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01-24-2021, 12:55 PM
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I have a Diamond ATI TV Wonder 600 USB that I'm trying to get to work on an iMac with High Sierra (10.13.6) and VideoGlide. VideoGlide does not seem to recognize it but it does show up in System Information (screenshots attached). Any ideas? Thanks!

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Got a response from VideoGlide support. Apparently the ATI 600 USB is not supported. I've seen a few mentions otherwise so not sure if there are multiple chipsets or if its only the clones that are compatible or what.

Hi Dan.

I am afraid not. That device has an unsupported chipset (from VideoGlide’s perspective anyway).

Sorry about that. Did you purchase the software? I can refund it if you did.

EchoFX, Inc.

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01-31-2021, 10:05 AM
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Hmm, I would have thought it would work since I remember reading that it uses an Empia EM28xx chip. But I just came across hodgey's post in which he said it actually uses a TI chipset for the dirty work and only uses the Empia to translate (per se). So that's likely why it doesn't work with Videoglide. Pity!
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01-31-2021, 10:54 AM
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Originally Posted by bookemdano View Post
only uses the Empia to translate (per se). So that's likely why it doesn't work with Videoglide. Pity!
This isn't accurate,

eMPIA is a bridge between actual audio/video chipsets and the USB interface. While true that eMPIA does have some of its own (low-quality) AV chips, Videoglide is not using only those. Quite a few cards that work with Videoglide are using bridged chips, including at least one ATI 600 USB "clone" (a certain Tevion known to work with Videoglide).

The ATI used ATI drivers, while this "clone" used generic eMPIA drivers. So this may be a simple situation of Videoglide refitting the generic eMPIA drivers to work on Mac, and any eMPIA card using the generic drivers (most of which are garbage cards) will work.

At one point in time, I thought the ATI 600 USB was listed on the Videoglide site as being compatible. Otherwise I'd have never stated ATI 600 USB was compatible in Videoglide. I wonder if they made an assumption about it, and upon learning of non-compatibility, silently removed it from the list. That seems likely to me.

Also please don't make the knee-jerk bad assumption that all Tevions are "clones", and run to eBay/Amazon with dollars in hand. Most Tevions are NOT the model you want, with only the rarer early Tevions using the TI chips. I see a lot of crap Tevions on those sites, especially in Europe and Australia. Tevion is just a rebadge brand, and somebody unknown seemingly cloned the ATI many years ago. I come across the good Tevions a few times per year, and list those in the marketplace. At the time, Tevion was part of Medion, a German rebadger of electronics (another example: Medion DVD recorders were LiteOn). Tevion/Medion (and other brands owned/used) is now owned by Lenovo (post-IBM spinoff), which is a Chinese company (and pre-IBM, Lenovo was Chinese, so it just reverted). Welcome to the semi-shady world of rebadges, reverse engineer, Chinese ignoring IP, etc. It becomes a maze of brands, all dabbling in the low end.

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