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Kiriki 01-25-2021 06:26 AM

VHS capture, help with setup, explanatios
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To keep story short:
-I have some old recorded TV shows (cartoons) I would like to capture and clean.
-I tried it with my old VHS and random TV card I had through composite, and it went pretty well. Recordings are in good condintions, and cartoons are not chalenging.
-I lost that TV card by mistake, and i manage to get better VCR for free.

Now, i would like to set up capture hardware as good as possible with what i have, and without spending tons of money.
My setup:
-PC where i can install required OS
-VCR Thomson VPH 6600N. I couldn't found any info about it, so only thing i know is that it was expensive at the time, and have 4 heads. I could find service manual though, attaching it.
-I am looking for Ati All-In-Wonder, but without luck right now
-I found that TMC is desirable, but it could be build in in VCR, can be standalone, generaly improves quality, but not really sure if i need it. Is there topic where i could read more about them? Could't find any

Could you look at it, and give me your thoughs what i could do with it, where can be problems, etc?

Also, i have few questions which i could find answer for:
-How to connect VCR to capture card. I tested it with composite, but wanted to use RGB, since i'm most familiar with it. I checked service manual, and it looks like i have right pins in scart connector, connected to "B", "G", and something unreadable (i hope for "R"). Is it th right idea? If i buy capture card with VGA/DVi port will it work? Attaching snipped section of schematic.
-What differnce in quality could be between my setup, and good setup? Does anyone have some footage comparision?
-Any Ati All-in-wonder card will be good? As long as it have connections i need?
-Should i capture footage in raw format, clean and compress? Or compressing before cleaning wouldn't make a difference?

Basicaly, i have some knowlege about video signals from retro consols, i read some articles and threads, but needs some clarficartions and help with sorting out all this things.

Thanks for any help :)

lordsmurf 01-25-2021 07:23 AM

What cartoons? :)

Kiriki 01-25-2021 12:21 PM

Gummybears, super baloo, Chip and dale rescue rangers, cat tip top, "Inch High, Private Eye" and some others. Few episodes from everythink, but they have local dubbing (polish) so i would like to capture them.
Also, tons fo nostalgia :)

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