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EmielBoss 03-30-2021 12:07 PM

What PAL ES15 settings for 8mm capturing?
My setup for capturing PAL Hi8 is:
Sony CCD-TR825E (TBC On) --S-Video--> ES15 --S-Video--> AVT-8710 --S-Video--> Pinnacle 710-USB --USB--> Windows XP/VirtualDub

I am basically repeating the question from this post:


Originally Posted by SuperS (Post 55467)
Now that I have everything in place more or less, I wanted to ask what the best Passthrough Settings for the ES15 are?

I also have a PAL ES15, which I would like to do as little as possible to my signal. Has there been a consensus on optimal settings in the meantime? What should I set for comb-filter, progressive, noise reduction (should be "off", right? This can be done better by software?), aspect ratio, etc? Should I get a SCART adapter/connector?

EmielBoss 03-30-2021 05:27 PM

Both the comb-filter and noise reduction settings make no discernible difference to me, except that the greenish bar at the top of the screen is slightly smaller. I set both to off.

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