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07-20-2021, 12:31 PM
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Finally got myself to update my capture rig to Windows XP SP2 x86 Home Edition, and one by one installed the drivers according to Dell's official instructions(apparently order matters). The only problem I have after installing everything and testing is my Turtle Beach Santa Cruz(TBSC) card.
It gets recognised alright, Turtle Beach's Sound Check utility detects no problems in hardware or software, but when I plug in my headphone or a cheap stereo speaker I get no sound output. My onboard sound card(Sigmatel audio) plays using headphone/the speaker just fine, so my headphone/speaker is working.
The driver I installed for the TBSC card is the v4161 one provided by lordsmurf in another thread. My specific TBSC card was ripped by an eBay seller(probably scammed me, mailed in internationally in an envelope with just one layer of bubble wrap ) from a Dell Dimension 8100.
I tried plugging my headphone/speaker into the Headphone Front, Headphone Rear and VersaJack ports(then changing to the corresponding Speaker Mode in Turtle Beach Control Panel) of the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz card, but none seems to give any audio output. I have made sure the TBSC card isn't muted. Am I doing this wrong, or is my card faulty? Thank you all! Apologies for my newbie-ness, I have no experience with sound cards at all, just for context here
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07-21-2021, 03:45 AM
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Nevermind figured it out at last, silly me. For anyone else who's new to dedicated sound cards or this Turtle Beach Santa Cruz(TBSC) card in particular, here's how I solved my issue:
For me, the problem was having both the onboard sound card and the dedicated sound card(TBSC)'s drivers installed and enabled. Even though I disabled the onboard sound card's driver(Sigmatel HD Audio), it somehow still 'conflicted' with the TBSC card, and all sound always get routed to the Sigmatel even when I selected the TBSC card for playback under Windows XP's Sound settings in Control Panel.
So to prevent this, I turned off the onboard sound card in my Dell desktop's BIOS and rebooted. Even with the Sigmatel driver installed, the card is no longer even detected, and my audio is passed to the TBSC correctly. Problem solved.
As for the settings, it might be overwhelming(at least for me) because of how many options are available. Basically, for the 'Speaker Mode' option in the Turtle Beach Control Panel, choose 'Headphone Rear' if you are plugging in headphones, and plug your headphones into the 'Headphone Rear' port of the TBSC card, which is the one marked with a 'R' and some weird circular symbol, the port right beside the long MIDI port. Alternatively, you can plug it into the circular port all the way to the left, marked 'Versa', and choose 'Headphone (VersaJack)' under Turtle Beach Control Panel. For a speaker, choose 'Headphone Front' and plug the 3.5mm jack into the circular port 2nd from the right marked with an 'F' and some weird circular symbol. For both speaker and headphone, plug the headphone into the 'Headphone Rear' port and the speaker into the 'Headphone Front' port then choose '2 speaker' under Turtle Beach Control Panel's 'Speaker Mode' option. This is based on Turtle Beach's official user guide for the TBSC, I don't know if there are any other ways to do this. Also there are way more configurations you can do, just sharing the few I've tried and can remember.
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