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07-26-2021, 01:41 AM
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From other threads on this forum I learn that the best way to connect my ATI Radeon All-In-Wonder 7500 PCI card to my Turtle Beach Santa Cruz card is via AUX cable(SoundBlaster to MPC4) internally? I found this cable on eBay, is this the correct one?
Also, according to the ATI Radeon User Manual there's a CD Out port but the manual was for multiple models(7500 & 8500) so the picture was too generic. I inspected my AIW card and found a 'CD Out' label near the top left, beside these 4 pins I've circled as seen below:
Are those 4 pins the 'port' for plugging in the MPC4/CDRom side(black head) of the AUX cable? Then I plug the other side(white head) into this circled black 'CD In' port of my Turtle Beach Santa Cruz card as in the picture below:
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Is that right?
Lastly, in which orientation should the black head of the AUX cable be plugged in? I read in both the AIW and Santa Cruz manuals that the pins are labelled i.e. Left, Ground, etc, do I just make sure the Left pin of AIW is connected to Left pin of Santa Cruz, Right pin to Right pin, and so on, and it'll work? Or how else should the pins be mapped? Afraid I'll accidentally short something out if I connect the wrong pins. Hope my question is clear!
Sorry if these are silly questions, I'm new to these kinds of ports and cables so while I've read about what I should do on other threads already, I don't know what stuff mentioned looks like And the manuals are not too newbie-friendly lol

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