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traal 09-08-2021 12:28 PM

What's causing this capture error?
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Hi, on two or three tapes, I'm getting a strange capture error. I've narrowed it down to either my VCR (Panasonic AG-1980P) or the tapes themselves, or the S-Video cable. Some scenes in the tape are fine, but others get blown way out like in the photo below:

Attachment 14113

The tapes are all professionally recorded. This particular one also has a severe vertical jitter, so it could be tape damage in this particular case, but other tape(s) that show the same problem don't have any jitter.

I wonder if something in the tape signal is confusing my VCR's circuitry, or whether a crinkled tape isn't aligned to the head properly and so the head isn't picking up the luma signal correctly, or maybe some combination of the two. I think I noticed that stopping the tape and restarting it briefly fixes the problem.

My VCR was refurbished by TGrant almost two years ago. I don't have another VCR to try. This happens on two different capture cards (Diamond VC500 and ATI 600 USB), with or without my external TBC. Is there a setting in the VCR that can fix this?

lordsmurf 09-08-2021 10:01 PM

We lost faith in TGrant's refurbs. He only fixes bad caps, not all caps, unacceptable, as the "good" caps will fail soon enough. Another costly refurb for him.

Could it be the VCR? Yes.
Or capture card.
Or combo of some, or all.

What else in the workflow? (If CDM TBC and ATI 600, that's not it. Must be VCR.) For grins, try with CDM removed. Extremely unlikely, but I'll play along. Always good to process of elimination.

What happened to your JVC MV40 VCR?

traal 09-08-2021 11:20 PM

(My MV40's eject mechanism no longer works.)

I've reproduced the problem with and without the TBC, and with 2 different capture cards. So you think the problem is a capacitor in the VCR? It plays most tapes without a problem, only 2-3 out of 50 have the issue.

lordsmurf 09-08-2021 11:57 PM

Yep. Caps. It will get worse. Give it a few more months.

On the JVC, did you troubleshoot with the service manuals, post in threads here? I have a few junk decks still, parts for refurbs, and can perhaps pull a needed part for you.

traal 09-09-2021 12:05 AM

I don't have the time or mechanical ability to troubleshoot and repair the VCR. But it makes a nice comb filter for my LD player, although I still need to build and install the Domesday board. Too many projects, too little time!

msgohan 09-12-2021 03:50 PM

Sort of reminds me of this thread:

Did you try with AG-1980 TBC disabled?

traal 09-13-2021 10:15 PM


Originally Posted by msgohan (Post 79829)
Did you try with AG-1980 TBC disabled?

I just tried it, and disabling the VCR's TBC makes it worse.

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