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09-09-2021, 06:18 PM
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Finally getting around to capturing my home videos, and would like another set of eyes to take a look and provide feedback on how I'm doing. From reviewing other posts, I can tell my eyes aren't trained (yet) on what to look for.

Tape source - original 8mm tape recorded in 1997 using a Sharp VL-E35U camcorder (which no longer powers on). The 3 clips are all from the same tape, originally captured as a single file.

Capture setup
Sony CCD-TRV68 (Edit = off, TBC & DNR = On) S-video out -> DV TBC-3000 S-video out -> ATI AIW USB 600 -> WinXP PC (Quad-core, 8GB RAM, dual SATA HDD's (one for OS, one for capture files)). Capturing using VDub 1.9.11 (setup using Sanlyn's guide). The TBC and AIW came from Lord Smurf.

Brightness/Contrast levels set (by first cropping the picture) using VDub histogram and the TBC-3000 proc amps (not the VDub level settings - those are at default).

Question 1 - should I disable the camcorder DNR? I couldn't see any difference (but as I said, not sure I know what I should be looking for), and that seems the general consensus from what I could find on the forum here.

Question 2 - should I use the VDub proc amp levels instead of the TBD-3000? I couldn't find any clear direction from the forums here, other than a few mentions that the proc amps on the TBC-3000 are very good.

Question 3 - how do the clips look. Is there something I need to change in my capture setup? Is there any post-capture processing I should do? At this point, I'm not interested in doing individual scene clean-up, but if there's something I should do that applies to the whole 2 hr tape, I'd be interested in knowing.

Attached Files
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File Type: avi clip3.avi (83.20 MB, 3 downloads)
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09-10-2021, 05:10 AM
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The histograms (and then the levels) are ok.

If you want to speculate, just tune a little bit to do not have spikes at Y=16 (loss of details in the shirt of the sleeping man). But do not degrade the overall doing so.

Better do it with TBC probably, ATI USB 600 is not effective:
710-USB software proc amp settings?
710-USB software proc amp settings? (lordsmurf recommendation)

If you want to denoise (and deinterlace) you can use some AviSynth filter. Here a sample but be careful with the potential "plastic look" in the processed video and to do not oversharp halos. You may want to use "fast" preset in QTGMC. You may want to use only QTGMC and its denoiser without TD2. And also remove LSFmod. Experiment yourself. A quick and not optimized results:

LSFmod(ss_x=1.5, ss_y=1.5, secure=false, Spwr=2, SdmpHi=0, soothe=false, keep=25, edgemaskHQ=true)
You must be logged in to view this content; either login or register for the forum. The attached screen shots, before/after images, photos and graphics are created/posted for the benefit of site members. And you are invited to join our digital media community.

Some halo is present in the original video, check if is disturbing too much and if disabling "sharpening" in the player is useful (removing and/or do not enhace it in post-processing is difficult):

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09-11-2021, 07:00 PM
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Thanks for the feedback Lollo2, I appreciate your time. So, looks like I'm basically on the right track. I can see the difference in Avisynth processed picture, and can see what you mean about being careful of the plastic look. Thanks again.
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