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09-14-2021, 09:58 AM
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Hello, I hope someone could helpn me, I m using a HR 8700 EU and I pass the signal with the DMR ES 10 into Intensity Shuttle to My Computer, the problem is that everytime I turn on the TBC/DNR in the VCR, in the not good quality tapes, appers horizontal lines like not using a TBC, when I turn on, the DMR 10 ES works amazing, but again I try and appers the horizontal lines, like the VCR TBC is making Even worst the video, I tested without the DMR 10 ES, and it Also doesnt work, someone know? Maybe the TBC is not good condition in the VCR? Thanks!
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09-14-2021, 03:15 PM
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If the tape is a second gen dub or just has problems usually the VCR's line TBC makes things worse, If the ES10 LTBC works keep it on and turn off the VCR's one.

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09-15-2021, 12:11 AM
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Originally Posted by latreche34 View Post
If the tape is a second gen dub ... usually the VCR's line TBC makes things worse,
Not really. It can, and will at a higher % than master good tapes. But nth gen is still often fine with VCR line TBCs. For nth gen, Panasonic field TBC is better in the 1980. The ES10 is best here, if VCR TBC fails. Then ES15. Then ... nothing, really, you're screwed. It's why we all want software TBC to exist, but it doesn't. Yet. Maybe. Hopefully.

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