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09-20-2021, 11:28 AM
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So I'm running out of time on this birthday project. I have an old Hauppage HD PVR that seems to be choking on the video. It starts off ok but starts to drop images and generally acts like I'm running low on CPU. But taskmanager shows only 30% usage (i7 3GHz cpu, 24GB Ram)

So I ordered a VC500. No more performance problems but now it's all wavy...

Is this the best I should expect out of this thing or would I be better off getting a Hauppauge610 (I can have it here tomorrow)

I did throw the interlace filter on it but it still doesn't look as good as what I was getting with that HDPVR...

This was with VDub2

OH, and I don't have a great VCR but I'm stuck with it for now.
Sony SLV-N99 I turned off the "reality engline" because it seems to make things worse.

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09-20-2021, 01:00 PM
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IMO changing the card will not solve any issue.

Interlaced fields is not one of them.

You probably need a good VCR with lineTBC or a Panasonic passthrough (but the "comets" in the pictures may indicate a VCR problem), and eventually a frameTBC.
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09-20-2021, 03:55 PM
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Yeah the capture card isn't what causing the noise lines, that's either an issue with the tape or VCR (does adjusting tracking help?). Using a VC500 with the direct output from a VCR will give you a wiggly and unstable image, though, so I would suggest at least at minimum considering a Panasonic dvd-recorder to pass the video through (DMR-ES10 or ES15 if you're in the US, there are some other alternatives if it's hard to find but that's the most tested ones.) which will help a lot with stability and will help avoid getting a lot of dropped frames at least. That's going to be a much bigger upgrade than getting a different capture card.

The HDPVR is a bit better than the VC500 at dealing with the raw (though not nearly as nice as what the mentioned dvd-recorder will give you) video from a VCR though I think that forces you to capture compressed with the built-in deinterlacing instead. The Hauppauge 610 has mostly the same hardware as the VC500 as far as I know so it won't really be an improvement.

If you have access to one I would also consider testing the tape on a different vcr if you're getting that noise on all of them to see if it's something caused by the vcr or not.

The "Reality Regenerator" thing on the Sonys does some separate image processing chip that does some sharpening or something but at least on PAL equivalent I haven't found it to improve things much. I think the VCR does let you adjust the sharpening of the output in the menus though if desired.
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