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12-21-2021, 05:02 AM
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Hello Guys,
i would like to ask that the Digital Video Guide is still up to date or should considered as obsolete? I made my progress according to those articles (http://www.digitalfaq.com/guides/video.htm). I have finished the DV Capturing FAQ and i could use the information from there by transfer videos from miniDV with WinDV and Scenalyzer with a quite good quality. Now i am going further to the analog VHS capturing section.

These information are timeless? Maybe there are newer versions out there from VirtualDub and MMC, but the core knowledge is and will be always the same?
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12-21-2021, 12:10 PM
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VHS is the same, capturing it remains the same, The only thing changed is the operating systems of computers which are evolving away from this legacy task, and the crappy Chinese pseudo capture devices that don't work for shit. So it is better to stick to Win 7 and a legacy capture device.

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12-22-2021, 03:38 AM
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I have Win XP on my dedicated PC, the low-performance version. I am just wondering what is the benefit of high-end PC with i7 and 16 GB RAM with Win 7. You can editing the raw captured video on the same device or other process? Because for capturing the Core 2 Duo with 2 GB RAM is enough.
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12-22-2021, 10:07 AM
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The information isn't obsolete, but evergreen (not changing). At most, it needs some additions, discussion of more modern OS and workarounds required. Certain guides dealing with restorations and workflows have a few more options.

The DV info is all still accurate, both myths guide (thankfully, those are now mostly gone), and transfer method guides and software.

The last version of VirtualDub official is 1.10.x, and it had capture issues.
VirtualDub FilterMod (FM) is a fork, renamed VirtualDub2 later. Same 1.10 issues.
VirtualDub2 changed things, usually for the worst, it often causes dropped frames internally to itself. Yikes! Only some cards were "improved", meaning Win10 capturing is still possible with 2 while 1.9/10 was nuked.

If specific questions, ask.
Not just "is all this stuff obsolete". No, it's not. But I'll review anything that needs clarification. I do still make text updates to the guides, when time available. On next site update, I want to redo all the images, massive undertaking.

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12-23-2021, 04:33 PM
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Hi lordsmurf,
so i don't have to worry about the guide's expiration. Good news. These articles are my digitization Bible if i can say that. I read it over and over. If something is not clear or fully understandable, i ask about it here in the forum.

I asked about the obsolation because i would like to translate it to my native language. I would like require a permission to do that. Maybe i could understand it better by translating it word by word. It can also help others to understand the basic concept of the digitization, because as lordsmurf mentioned earlier multiple times, there are a lot of false information and misunderstandings.

I would like to discuss about VirtualDub and MMC in another thread deeply after i will read those articles again because i am confused about VirtualDub's versions and filters. I made some quite good test captures with MMC. Actually i don't need complex editing, only simple cuting so mpeg format is enough for my i think.
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