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dminches 12-07-2004 08:23 AM

I purchased, but haven't yet used, a Canopus ADVC-100 due to the concerns about audio/video synch. I am looking to transfer 8mm home video and other VHS source material to DVD.

Was I misinformed to think that I couldn't accomplish good results (synched A/V) with a capture card and hasty in buying the Canopus?

admin 12-07-2004 09:05 AM

In short, yes.

Pretty much any good hardware and any good software, using clean (or cleaned) quality video source will results in excellent captures. And in sync.

And that's the trick. GOOD hardware. GOOD software. GOOD video source (made possible by GOOD tapes and GOOD VCR, maybe some GOOD video hardware like TBC and PROC AMPs).

Canopus is a company I find repulsive, at least with their hardware marketing. Because of this, it's doubtful I'll ever purchase Canopus hardware. To them, everything they sell is "pro" hard (it is NOT!). If it was up to them, they would have the world believe DV is the best method of transfer, and than only their devices will ever obtain audio/video sync. They also have a fanboy customer base that can be as obnoxious as a room full of know-it-all teenagers.

(Their software has a softer approach, and it REALLY is some of the best that exists.)

The Canopus device works. This cannot be argued. It has good video/audio sync. And it has typical as-expected DV issues when used to transfer VHS tapes. It is one device of many that works to capture, and gives excellent results.

I always suggest four cards for capture:

== 1) MATROX cards. These are expensive, NLE cards. Most people will not need them, but they are top-of-the-line.
== 2) ATI ALL IN WONDER cards. These capture AVI or MPEG using hybrid hardware/software methods. Comes with excellent free ATI MMC software.
== 3) HAUPPAUGE PVR 250/350 cards. These are hardware cards, MPEG only. Comes with decent capture software.
== 4) CANOPUS ADVC boxes. These are DV-only, AVI captures. Easy to use, dummy-friendly.

There are new ones emerging too, ones based of Philips chips, as well as some new MPEG hardware boxes (TDK, ADS, etc). These are getting some recent attention, though I have yet to recommend them outright to anyone.

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