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leeca12 02-15-2022 02:24 PM

Color banding when transferring to digital?
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I am transferring both vhs tapes and 8mm video cassettes into digital files- they are both personal tape/cassettes so should not be commercial. I am using a Toshiba 4Head Hi-Fi Video Cassette Recorder (W522CF), and a Samsung myCAM for the 8mm cassettes. I am using OBS studio to digitize the files to my desktop.

Originally, I thought there was an issue with the vhs players but when looking at the footage in the LCD color monitor in the myCAM of the 8mm cassette, the color is fully working, compared to when it is being digitized it becomes monochromatic with faint color bands.
I believe then that the issue is probably from one of these:
- The rca to usb cable (VHS to Digital Converter USB 2.0 Video Converter from Amazon)
- The program I am using (OBS)
- NTSC to PAL (not sure if it is applicable)
- The RCA cables (but I am using two different ones and they produce the same outcome, so highly unlikely)

I have attached two images one of the digitized form (where the color is gone with faint color bands), and a picture of the screen on the camcorder.

If anyone has better equipment recommendations, workflow, or additional comments, please feel free to comment.

lordsmurf 02-16-2022 01:51 AM

Ouch. The issue is ... all of the above.

- OBS is not analog capture software, but streaming screen recording software
- generic Easycap (aka Easycrap) device, literally one of the worst devices out that exists
- low-end VCR (though mid/high lower end)
- maybe PAL/NTSC chroma mismatch

This is a mess.

Where are you?
Where was the video recorded and shot?

Essentially, what you're doing is entirely wrong. But you're in the right place to learn how to do it right. :)

leeca12 02-16-2022 05:15 PM

Thank you for the quick response!

I have upgraded my vhs player to a Funai 4 head Hi-Fi Stereo. So let me update that part.

I am currently based in Canada, and there are a few video tapes so they were filmed in different locations.
Some from Korea, some from Mexico. The one I specifically screenshotted were shot in Mexico.
These tapes and camcorder 8mm cassettes were filmed by my parents over two decades ago, in two different continents. So I am unable to for sure tell if there is a PAL/NTSC mismatch (I would just assume the worst and be prepared for it tbh).

Also. are there any better analog capture software and/or alternatives to easycap?

I was following youtube tutorials and I guess it was a big mistake haha. Glad to have found this community!

mrmuy97 02-20-2022 10:59 PM


Originally Posted by leeca12 (Post 82929)
Also. are there any better analog capture software and/or alternatives to easycap?

I was following youtube tutorials and I guess it was a big mistake haha. Glad to have found this community!

You will get excellent advice and guidance here. If your technical prowess is on the higher end then you may enjoy starting from scratch as you have already and doing some trial-and-error, finding all the puzzle pieces, putting them all together, and creating your own properly configured and working system. However if that doesn't sound like something you will enjoy spending your time working on, I'd highly recommend buying some or all of the equipment needed for a complete workflow from the admin here who replied to you. It will be extremely difficult to find better gear in better condition and known to be working and properly maintained. Every day it gets harder to find proper analog equipment and the good stuff becomes more valuable. Just want to give you some perspective for the point you're currently at. I've gone the opposite route and have been doing it all myself, trying to source used hardware in excellent condition and it's taken well over 5 years -- and I still don't even have a TBC.

To answer your question, yes, there are at least a few MUCH, MUCH better analog capture setups. They are well-documented here especially in the stickied threads. It depends on what you want to achieve for final quality, what budget is available, how far you want to go with the depth of learning and work involved, etc. Hope you find this site as valuable as many of us have.

lordsmurf 03-19-2022 02:08 AM

How is this capture project going for you?

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