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03-19-2022, 02:22 PM
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I found a JVC VS30U, which according to the manual has TBC. And I saw another thread that Lord Smurf sold one in the marketplace to someone. But I don't see this model on Lord Smurf's list of SVHS with TBC. Is there any reason it wasn't listed? Is its TBC not good for some reason.

EDIT: I'm a goober. I didn't see the VS30U on Lord Smurf's list but it's there. D'oh. Never mind my question.
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03-19-2022, 04:58 PM
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Is the model good? Yes.
Is the unit good? Aha, that's the catch.

Do not buy this for the DV tape. There is a flaw in the design, it will guaranteed eat some % of tapes.

The VCR can be excellent. But the problem here is the demographic of the market when new. This model was sold at places like CDW, not B&H or box retailers. The market was education, government, and studios. Too often, non-video goobers (ab)used the gear. So you often find lots of "for parts" units, rarely good. But on eBay, even so-called "tested" or "working" decks are often bad.

So you have to be really careful with this model.

These days, condition is king. But you do need to look for a good unit available in the body of recommended models. When a person seeks a specific model, issues can ensue.

This specific JVC did handle -C format better than most others.

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