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06-20-2022, 10:18 AM
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Hushpower I took a photo of the bottom of my pinnacle same rev 1, but obviously different serial numbers. I tried WinDV but got the dreaded Can't find DV output pin error. I did some reading and checked to see if I was missing the "ksthunk.sys" driver, but this driver was already installed. This is a pretty deep rabbit hole

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06-20-2022, 11:57 AM
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If your PC has a free PCI slot you might try a PCI IEEE-1394a (Firewire) card. I've found the Dell/Adaptec LSI cards to be the easiest to implement in a Win 10 PC. I have not tried mine lately but the driver still shows up as installed and working in my current Win 10 version: 21H2.

Try this eBay search "Dell H924H Dual Port IEEE-1394 PCI". The cards are quite available and cheap.

Here are a couple posts I've participated in regarding these cards:

What Firewire PCIe card to get in 2020 for Windows 10?

Confused: best transfer from Hi8 to PC MP4?

Good Luck,
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06-21-2022, 10:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Rookie20 View Post
Has anyone used a pinnacle 710 usb device to transfer DV tapes to a pc? If so what version of windows works the best. At This time I just want top transfer the files to a hard drive to protect from the tapes deteriorating.
I don't know how the pinnacle device you have works.
I work with a PCI Firewire card, I'm fine with it and the quality is perfect. You would only need a Firewire card, the firewire cable and a camcorder.
I use windows 10. For DV format I use sclive software and/or Adobe Premiere, for HDV format I use Adobe premiere because the HDVSplit soft has had results with corrupt files.
To compress the files to codec .H264 I use Adobe Encoder
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06-27-2022, 11:44 AM
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Thanks you BW37 and ferggue for your help. I did a search for Dell H924H Dual Port IEEE-1394 PCI cards and they are very reasonable. My graphics card failed in my old dell and is no longer being used so I believe I have space for PCI firewire card. I am still trying to get the pinnacle 710 usb device to work with either sclive or WinDV. I have done a lot of internet searching and reading but have not found a fix for either software. I am still hopeful in getting the pinnacle device to work, and then posting on this form the fix.
For Editing software I am using Power director 16, is Adobe Premiere available without a monthly charge?
Thank you
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06-27-2022, 01:25 PM
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I have had installed plenty of generic 'modern' IEEE-1394 cards without issue, although there's something that needs messing about with concerning forcing a legacy driver but that's what I have IT techs for. I don't think it's too tricky but it's a bit of a faff. They've not generated any issues once they're up and running as far as I'm aware but remember that's a sample of 1.

With regards to editing software, unless you go through the agony of purchasing Premiere (!) or lease it there's no free cut-down if that's what you're asking. For a lot of tasks, I'm certain any respected other option is fine, we only ran Adobe 'seats' because that's generally what staff had used in the industry (or at least were conversant in it) for editing and just kept it neat but personally I'm no Premiere fanboy. I am an After Effects Stan though, so they kinda go hand-in-glove.

It's probably overkill though if you're just after basic editing and grading.
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