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admin 02-15-2005 09:17 AM

ATI and older VIA motherboards?
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As some of you must know, about three months ago, I purchased a new main board with my first VIA KT133 chip set.Now I know what you all are going through. It's taken me almost three months of testing, but I believe I have at least ONE solution to (one) of the problems.
Also if you haven't used the "proper" method to install the ATI video drivers check out the "DRIVER install tips" page.

The problem:As soon as you start a capture .. the ATI time window says you dropped
" 1 percent frames".Or it will start dropping frames at random. Or you have increasingly out of sync sound.

Yes, I had that same problem from the onset. (for the first time in my ATI life)Here's one (of many) fixes that might help you. I'm talking about any of the ATI cards running MMC 7.1. I'm in Windows 2K but this may help you with other systems as well.

I could re-produce and fix this problem at will. Here's the deal. (If this works for you, tell ATI as I could use a job.)

What I "think" is happening is that most people install the ATI MMC after they have their system installed. Makes perfect sense. BUT, what seems to be happening is that the ATI install is over-writing some Windows critical element. I believe it might have something to do with the GART and/or the 4 in 1 VIA driver set.When I installed the ATI MMC as the last step (on a fresh empty system) I had nothing but grief. BUT, on a whim one night, I re-loaded the latest VIA 4 in 1 drivers AND Windows SP 2.This I believe was putting back some important system file(s) that affects the ATI Capture and other system specific areas such as hard drive I/O. I asked the techs at work, "how come Win2K didn't protect those files from being over-written like it's supposed to?" This was supposedlyone of the good features of both Win2K and Win ME. ... System file protection.Well, they informed me it only protects against "unsigned" files.If ATI has a "signed" version of a file needed, then Windows will let it load.

I installed all my system the normal way. Installed the latest VIA 4 in 1, along with DirectX 8 and it's digital video add on. I only had Win2K SP 1 installed.Then I installed the ATI MMC 7.1

AFTER installing the ATI MMC, I then re-installed the VIA drivers AND finally installed Win2K SP 2.Some stability problems were eliminated after re-installing the VIA set, but I still had dropped frames.However once I installed the final (Win2K Service Pack TWO) no more trouble.

The "techs" at the shop (I used to own a computer repair shop and they let me "hang around" there) started telling me about the GART, disc I/O, AGP apeture and buss stuff and it held my interest for all of about 2.5 seconds. heh heh I'm really not into that really deep technical stuff. But from what they say, it seems this could be why so many people have trouble with ATIs and VIA chip sets and not with others like the AMD 750 series. There's something going on during the MMC 7.1 install that is tickling something it shouldn't.

This makes more sense as some of you have gone back to the MMC 7.0. Different system entirely and different MMC files.

I hope this gives you an insight at least for an area to look at. What have you got to loose? Don't erase anything. Just re-install those VIA drivers and upgrade (again) SP 2. Or if you really want a "clean" system, start from scratch .. making sure to make the VIA and SP2 the last things you update.

Of course there are a myriad of other things that can cause various problems. But if things like the disc I/O and various other 4 in 1 components are being over-written during the MMC install .. at least now you can counter THAT.

Ah ... I just checked the Win2K machine while I'm typing this. 48 minutes into a Farscape SVCD capture and not one frame dropped. (yet) .. The proof of the pudding will be the audio when I play it back.

lordsmurf 09-15-2018 01:05 AM

Relevant bump:

The bulk of analog capture info never gets outdated.
However, VIA became less horrible towards ATI in the WinVista generation and beyond. So this warning may not apply depending on how dated your VIA hardware is.

Thought noting VIA is still probably the worst component on cheap motherboards, and especially any PCI card (SATA, etc).

Eric-Jan 09-15-2018 03:20 AM

All this was my problem with a windows pc too, you are just too busy with the OS and motherboard, solving problems, thinking about combination of hardware, drivers for it, slow updates for software or firmware, different brands that have the same chipset(s) but which should you take ? the better one, or the cheapest.... subscribtion on virus protection, or free one, your homepage of your browser being changed somehow by installing software, buying software that "cleans" your pc, but still not everything, OS gets slow... until it just locks, i'm not a user that is easily satisfied, and M$ OS can't handle that, i really used the windows M$ for and from a long time, DX2/66 cpu windows 3.10/3.11 installing winsock to get connected to internet,
with windows95 98 updates... all troubles started...... Sorry.... but i now am happy with my MacBook Pro, yes, MAC/Apple isn't perfect too, and you need to know the trapdoors, Linux is an option but you get too many options to choose from, distributions, GUI's, and you spend again a lot of time with the OS itself, and i'm lazy.... just want it to work for me, and not the other way around, Linux might be a lot better now, but i get scared from scripts, or secondary languages..... they are strong though, sorry for being offtopic this way, i found good tools for things i did used on M$, and some even better.

lordsmurf 09-15-2018 04:21 AM


Originally Posted by Eric-Jan (Post 56133)
All this was my problem with a windows pc too,
but i now am happy with my MacBook Pro,

I have horror stories with every OS, with every sort of PC hardware out there (PSU, CPU, RAM, HDD, SSD, you name it). Nothing is immune. I have Windows, and Mac, and Linux systems, and each excels and is a PITA in its own way.

However, this thread was specifically created, way back in 2005, to address common known issues between VIA and ATI (and ironically AMD, who now owns ATI, and was the only CPU to really use VIA motherboards). Perhaps those issues were addressed after the sale? The timeline does match, though I'm more apt to believe it was coincidence.

This post was bumped simply to provide an update, as VIA and ATI tended to behave a wee bit better as time went on, after 2005.

Eric-Jan 09-15-2018 05:14 AM

I guess with all is, the money budget, also to keep up with the tech, hardware gets better and software needs to be upgraded,
or is it the otherway round ? it keeps you busy, and new stuff is very tempting...
Apple is: WYSIWYG and cant be changed, on one hand a good thing, the other.... not.

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