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admin 11-03-2009 08:41 AM

used wrong capture settings - how to fix?
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Continued from e-mail...
This person captured a bunch of videos with the wrong settings. Since it was off TV, the sources are not available to try again...

Here's a screenshot of the the badly-captured video, a 672x448
Attachment 332

What this video represents is the 672x448 worth of the image viewed on a TV screen. You essentially chopped off the overscan area.

What needs to be done is the image needs to have it's overscan put back. Pad it with pixels on all sides, make it 720x480, where it has a black border.

Attachment 331

(Once the overscan is restored, and you have a 70x480 vidoe, you can then resize to 352x480.)

If you don't put back the overscan, then your image is "zoomed in" wrong. You're cutting up about 15% or more of the image. It's a few inches of image on each side of the screen.

Viewed on screen WITH a restored overscan:
Attachment 334

Viewed on screen WITHOUT a restored overscan:
Attachment 333

See how much is cut off? The text goes right off the screen. This is a common problem with videos people download online, then convert to DVD. It becomes more obvious on subtitled anime, where the subtitles are cut off at the bottom of the screen.

Fixing this is relatively simple. Just use VirtualDub.

Installing VirtualDub and HuffYUV...

To make this really easy, I've attached my copy of VirtualDub, which already includes the required filters for opening a number of formats, including your MPEG-2 source. It also includes a nice selection of filters, including the default resize filter needed for this quick fix.

Simply unRAR the VirtualDub files to a standard Windows location:
C:\Program Files\VirtualDub\ for Windows 9x/XP
or C:\Program Files (x86)\VirtualDub\ for Windows Vista x64

You'll also need HuffYUV for this, so I've attached that too. In fact, I'm attaching both the single-thread and multi-threaded versions. The one you install mostly depends on how many CPU cores your computer has (i.e., dual-core, quad-core, etc = multi-threaded ... most older systems are single-threaded).

To install HuffYUV, simply unRAR the correct file, and then right-click and INSTALL the INF file. If you can't tell the difference between the DLL and the INF file, you have Windows setup to hide file extensions -- something that I suggest against.

After everything is installed...

Opening the MPEG file, and wait several minutes while it imports the video.

Once loaded, go to the VIDEO > FILTERS menu item, and it brings up the filters window. Add a new RESIZE filter, and copy what's in the image below:

Attachment 337

To further fix the resolution down to 352x480 (which allows for about 3-4 hours per DVD at high quality, instead of the 2 hours max allowed by 720x480), simply add another RESIZE filter, and again copy the settings in the image below:

Attachment 336

Compare the properly resized files against the one you resized directly from 672x448 to 352x480. Notice how the vertical resolution has become very blurred, sometimes introducing aberrations into the image. Notice the text especially, how it is doubled in some places, and blurred in others.

Attachment 340

Resize filters have been applied, what next?

In VirtualDub, you'll need to select VIDEO > COMPRESSION from the menu, and then select your HuffYUV codec. OK.

Then go to FILE > SAVE AS AVI, and name your file something, and put it on a drive with enough room. A HuffYUV video takes up about 30GB/hour of content. A 2-hour movie will be about 60GB in size. And it will usually take several hours, more on older systems, so consider doing it overnight, or on a computer that doesn't need to be used at the moment.

When it's complete, you now have a file that can be encoded directly to MPEG with no resizing. Use your favorite encoder, be it MainConcept or TMPGEnc Plus.

Note that frameserving from VirtualDub to an MPEG encoder is also possible, but it sometimes takes longer than simply doing both processes separately.


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