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11-03-2009, 03:47 PM
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Continued from e-mail...
On the PC/Video war front, my RCA VCR/DVD with time base corrector completely stopped last night, with a tape inside. Won't even power down. Unplugging and replugging AC results in both record mode lights lighting, but tape still won't eject. I can do without the DVD/tape part, but would like a simple time base corrector, if you have any avenues to one.
I don't really think the RCA truly had a TBC anyway. At least not a timebase corrector by our standard definition. At most, probably just did some frame synchronization.

It may be time for you to invest in a true TBC, being a serious hobbyist. Take a look at the AVT-8710 from B&H, only $215. Yes, "only". Broadcast TBCs tend to be in the 4-digit range. This will do everything you need for normal digital transfer, however.

That's my advice.

I have some pending requests out right now, for some non-TBC filter devices. I'll be reviewing them soon, cost about $100 each. Not TBCs, but possibly "good enough" to overcome the annoying false Macrovision errors. The anti-copy that keeps you from transferring your own non-protected home videos, because the devices are overly sensitive.

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