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lordsmurf 12-26-2009 11:36 AM

Good JVC DVD recorder in 2009 ?
Having a conversation recently, decided to share it here instead of keeping it in emails and PMs (help more people this way!) ...


JVC dvd recorders,
I looked around for JVC recorders this seems to be the best deal on them, will this one work? I don't want to spend $1500 on a recorder. This price is pretty cheap. (link removed).
My response:

The DVD recorder portion of the MV1 will work decently to clean up basic and mild quality, and convert cleanly to DVD. The VCR portion of the machine it a piece of crap. So just don't ever use the VCR, just use it as a DVD recorder, forget the VCR is there. Also, you must have the remote -- any JVC DVD recorder remote from 2004-2006 era -- to use the machine. There is almost nothing that can be done on the front panel, aside from play DVDs. I find it dubious that the machine was tested with a remote! But it might be okay. Buy a remote.

when you say "MV1 will work decently" do they have better models for quality?
My response:

JVC DR-M10, DR-M100, DR-MV1, DR-MV5
--- those are the better units in the consumer/prosumer line. I use a DR-M10 and DR-M100. I had a DR-MV1 -- they are fine, the same "DVD guts" as the DR-M10
Also, maybe read this post:

Please note that the new JVC DR-MV100B is NOT the same as the other "100" I have mentioned. The new MV100B is an LG-made unit, not suggested like the others.

This would be my suggestion for the current best JVC machine easily available, and for a very fair price

For any further questions on DVD recorders, ask here in the forum. Let's not hide this valuable advice in private, let's share with other site readers and members! Thanks.

gunrun 12-29-2009 05:24 AM

How does the JVC SR-MV45US compare to the other harder-to-find older JVC models you recommend--both as a s-vhs player and as a dvd recorder?

admin 12-29-2009 11:41 AM

The JVC SR-MV45 is a really nice pro-series JVC machine that merges a pro SR-V10-like S-VHS VCR (with TBC) with a JVC DR-M100-like DVD recorder. Unlike other machines, this one is almost never reported as having a "LOADING" loop -- a generic error message usually caused by faulty/leaking capacitors in many electronics, including some early JVC model recorders.

Given that it's only $400 right now, I HIGHLY suggest this unit:

I don't know if you're able to loop out of the VCR into an external TBC/proc amp/detailer/etc, and then back into the DVD recorders. I've not used one long enough to test for that functionality -- only test the DVD recorder and VCR independently. So I suggest it on the merits of a DVD recorder.

The DR-M10 was $399 new, and the DR-M100 was at least $299 new (and that was the lowest price, at Fry's at the time). So for the same price as classic models new, you can get this one WITH the pro VCR AND without known "loading" errors.

gunrun 12-30-2009 11:59 AM

Thanks for the help! I just bought one.

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