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lordsmurf 09-01-2010 12:02 AM

Adventures in capture card shopping - Holo3DGraph, Matrox, Aja Kona, ATI
Since enough time has passed, I thought I'd share this back and forth conversation. :)


Originally Posted by Kenneth M
I'm pm'ing you because I am trying to win something on ebay and don't want anyone else after it. What I want to win is a Holo3DGraph-II card. I have been doing an extensive amount of research and it is considered the best of the best for capturing among many a/v enthusiasts. Will this card work for me? (VHS to DVD, LD to DVD, BETA to DVD conversions. Will be building the computer in about 1 year from now.)

I may also be doing HD work in the future, and the one on ebay has the HD upgrade.
Please tell me if this will work for what I need....

I've never heard of it. That looks to be a card for playing video that I can see, not capturing. That's what I saw in about 2 minutes of Google searching. It's older than latter-generation ATI AIW Radeon cards, from what I can see. Most posts are in the 2002-2003 timeframe.


Originally Posted by Kenneth M
Hmm, Here's two links for further info.
First one's an old sale page.
Second one's the ebay auction
I'm not ever going to run a projector, so this might not be for me? :confused:

You were helping me with getting a ATI all in one, and I thought I found one. But it ended up being a freakin European PAL one with scarts. So my search has continued.

If I have to spend a grand to get the best one out there, but new, I'm cool with that. I'm just out to get the best capture card.... (Too bad I'm about 8 years too late... :o )

Thanks for your help insofar...

If it captures video, I'm not seeing it.


Originally Posted by Kenneth M

:D Okie dokes. How about this?

I wouldn't. There are unresolved issues with getting it to work in XP or beyond.
For $70 plus shipping, you could get one of our extra ATI All In Wonder cards. Considered that route?


Originally Posted by Kenneth M
I did consider it, but I finally got a recommendation for something better that will work with Windows 7. An AJA Kona card. Ever heard?

Yep. Expensive, but it works.

And that's where we ended the conversation. :D

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