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lordsmurf 09-28-2010 08:06 PM

Inferior capture because I used Sony Vegas with Canopus ADVC110 DV box?

Also to let you know, using Sony vegas for capture seemed to work well as far as very few cases of dropped frames. The colors may be a bit off but as you said, it must be from the Canopus box and not using the Vegas for capture. If there are no dropped frames would you say that using the Vegas was OK in my case or using one of the other methods would still be better. From all the users on this forum who said that capturing the output of the 9600 deck from my 110 into a PC and then burning a DVD from an Mpeg 2 would look way better then just going from the video deck into the standalone DVR......well it dosen't look that much better, if at all. I will need to do some more tests. As I said, I got great results with the 110 going into the standalone deck, so.....there ya go. If there were no dropped frames you don't think I got an infirior capture because I used vegas, do you? I mean the DV video I captured looks good and the AVI files are very editable, I'm satisfied with the capture, I just thought it would be better!
Try it again with WinDV, and see how that works. You need a baseline comparison that removes Sony's software from the equation. Then see what has changed between methods, if anything.

WinDV is freeware:

Technically, there isn't anything in the Canopus box that would create "better" videos in a VCR > 110 > DVD recorder chain, as compared to going direct from a VCR to the DVD recorder. So something isn't adding up here, and there's not enough testing or information as of yet to make any solid conclusions.

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