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Giana 01-14-2011 04:23 AM

JVC FR mode DVD recorder - Help, lordsmurf!
I have some VHS tapes, Formula 1, I want to digitize dvd.
U.S. Grand Prix 2001 -> EP VHS (PAL) 2.00Hours
REC with JVC dr-m10 in FR 1:55??
REC with JVC dr-m10 in FR 180/FR175??:confused:

1) What is the best quality?
2) Explain better FR Mode;)
3) I always FR180 use of this possibility?


lordsmurf 01-14-2011 04:36 AM

Grand Prix implies fast action (movement of camera work, not the cars). And that, in turn, requires high bitrate to avoid block artifacts.

Option A:
If you want to break it up across a pair of 1-hour DVDs, that would work well. Use XP mode.

Option B:
However, if you do not want to break up the content across spanning discs, then go for the 352x576 with the highest available bitrate. FR170 is always safely in the 352x576 + good bitrate range, and that runs just shy of 3 hours. Use FR170 mode.

And if you're interested....

Technical Notes:

The switchover from 720x576 to 352x576 varies slightly from model to model. On my NTSC JVC DR-M100 recorder, that happens at either FR160 or FR165. I forget exactly -- really need to make myself a note card.

If you want to spend some time testing the exact perfect settings, record a quick segment at everything from FR150 to FR170 on a DVD-RW. Finalize, then put in the computer, and use Gspot to see what's what.

You NEVER want to use 720x576 beyond 2 hours (120 minutes, FR120, SP mode), and even 2 hours is pushing what's acceptable. Remember that most pre-HD broadcasts, as well as most consumer recording formats (like VHS) were closer to 352x576 (or 352x480 for NTSC) than they were to the Full D1 specs. Related topic: Is SP MODE the Best DVD Recorder Mode? (NO!)

Hope that answers you. :)

Giana 01-14-2011 07:10 AM

Gspot, JVC dr-m10 PAL
FR 150->720x576
FR 155->352X576:eek:
FR 160->352x576
FR 165->352x576
FR 170->352x576
FR 175->352X576
FR 180->352x576
FR185-> 352x576
FR 120->720x576

Giana 01-14-2011 11:31 AM

Gp F1 usa 2001

1)FR150->720x576-> Kbps 3837
2)FR155->352x576-> Kbps 3320:D The best?
3)FR160->352x576-> Kbps 3239
4)FR165->352x576-> Kbps 3118
5)FR170->352x576-> Kbps 3029
6)FR175->352x576-> Kbps 2960
7)FR180->352x576-> Kbps 2822
8)FR185->352x576-> Kbps 2759

1*FR120->720x576-> Kbps 4610

admin 01-14-2011 11:36 AM


Originally Posted by Giana (Post 14214)
2)FR155->352x576-> Kbps 3320 :D The best?

Yes, that would be the next-best setting to XP mode. You've got it. [8~2]

Remember the LSI based JVC encoders are all using single-pass VBR, the best live MPEG encoding method.
The FR155 mode from above shows a 3.3Mbps stated avg, and I believe it has 8.0Mbps max bitrate.
Realistically, viewed in a bit rate viewer, I think it spikes around 4.0 to 5.0Mbps max.
And the actual average bitrate may be a tad higher, too. I think the flags/settings are conservative.
Minimum is whatever is needed by the encoder.

Giana 01-14-2011 12:01 PM

The best quality VHS is

Ntsc FR 180
PAL FR 155-> kbps 3326 is OK?:D

lordsmurf 01-14-2011 12:08 PM


Originally Posted by Giana (Post 14217)
The best quality VHS is
Ntsc FR 180
PAL FR 155-> kbps 3326 is OK?

FR180 is good.
FR155 is better.

FR125-FR150 is bad
FR190+ is bad

Giana 01-14-2011 12:28 PM

Thanks thanks:):):):) lORDSMURF/ ADMIN

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