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05-02-2018, 11:47 PM
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Thank you ExUSAF_AV - I downloaded 7-Zip - The final result is exactly the same. So ... it looks like when I began the de-compress process on each of the 14 RAR's, e.g.: extract part04, that every time, the decompression program (was using WINRAR) automatically looked for the 1st compressed file in it's 'catalog' and followed the tags at the end of each RAR to find the next, etc., resulting in 14 exact duplicates of the total package. I remember this feature existed when using PKZip and PKUnZip back in the 90's, dividing large programs, files, backing up entire hard drives (big back then was anything between 5MB and 100MB HDs), etc so they would fit on multiple 1.4MB floppies. Near that era's end, we were buying boxes of 100 floppies at a time, then CDs finally arrived. The only difference was PKUnZip told you which compressed file it was working on. I guess these ATI archives might have been originally stored on 32MB ZIP drive (Jazz) disks ? At any rate, you were exactly right - Thanks again
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Someday, 12:01 PM
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05-03-2018, 05:22 AM
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Old file upload limits from the 2000s. When I get some time, I can go consolidate things to the 99mb limit.

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05-03-2018, 12:04 PM
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RE: ATI All-In-Wonder Pro, 8 MB PCI and AGP capture / display adapters.
I have the same board(s) - Paid nearly $500 originally, returned when the price went down to $250 a week later, and one more time when the price broke under $200. The other 2 identical boards were found at a Ham Fest for $5 each in the late 90s. Unfortunately I have never been able to find drivers or applications that will allow these boards to run under XP or anything OTHER than 95 and 98 - I did see someone at another Ham Fest who appeared to have it running under XP (if I remember correctly, he could open MMC and watch TV, however, he could not capture), but his search suggestions did not pan out, and I am assuming he may have had a different ATI board installed. Anyway, I do have the original ATI AIW Pro CD for 98 and 95, and also a download recommended by ATI Technical Support, that I downloaded while still learning the idiosyncrasies around installing this capture board along with another non-capture S-3Virge video adapter (for Dual Monitors, b4 multiple monitors were commonplace), titled: Thornhill, directly from the ATI site ... I would gladly upload, IF I knew where to send them on this website ... am new to DigitalFAQ.Com, which I happened to find looking for this exact query - How to run ATI AIW Pro 8MB AGP/PCI with XP and above. Using 'compatibility mode' never works. Another post mentioned that the capture task seemed to 'hang' MMC, but the system may simply have been 'preparing' for capture. If 'record through memory' is not selected, the app creates a temporary file on the hard drive which can take several minutes, depending on the CPU speed, and HD speed. Again, if someone could direct me to the Upload feature on this site, I will try to get the downloaded versions of the driver/app uploaded.
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05-07-2018, 10:17 PM
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Originally Posted by lordsmurf View Post
Old file upload limits from the 2000s. When I get some time, I can go consolidate things to the 99mb limit.
Hi lordsmurf,

This is sort of a followup to my previous post - I have managed to get ATI MMC working on my XP MCE installation using your post located here: "Unable To Start TV" , ATI X800 series Card

I am having another issue though - when launching the TV application, the video on both Composite and S-Video seems to be very choppy (almost as if it is being deinterlaced improperly or dropping frames), and has some input lag. I checked the CPU usage, and it seems to remain around 15%, so I don't believe it's an issue with that, however in the latest version of ATI MMC I don't see the "Best video quality" option, so I am unsure how to adjust the video quality settings to troubleshoot the choppy video. I thought you might be able to help me fix this problem.

On another computer with the same TV Wonder Pro card installed running Windows XP SP2 and ATI MMC 8.2 the video is perfect, so I'm thinking maybe it's an issue with the newer version, however I was unable to install MMC 8.2 on my XP MCE computer to test it.
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11-05-2018, 08:03 AM
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I own a AIW 1900 PCI express. On post #58 there are some package to be install on Windows XP.
What is the correct order to install them propertly?
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11-24-2018, 11:52 AM
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Originally Posted by admin View Post
Attached in this post is the ATI All-In-Wonder installation CD 180-V01084-100, which came with one of the 9000-series ATI AIW Radeon AGP cards, and features ATI MMC 8.8 and the Catalyst drivers of that era.
FYI, one or more of the files are corrupt and fails to decompress.

Any way of reposting or providing an alternate link?

My 9800 Pro came with 180-V01068-100 which appears to be older than this post so I'd like to update to the latest possible compatible versions...

Originally Posted by Auggie View Post
FYI, one or more of the files are corrupt and fails to decompress.

Any way of reposting or providing an alternate link?

My 9800 Pro came with 180-V01068-100 which appears to be older than this post so I'd like to update to the latest possible compatible versions...
FYI, the 180-V01068-100 CD installs MMC v8.5. Several people have requested this version of the CD installer mid-way through this thread so I'm not sure if 8.5 was the "latest" back then, but the original post mentioned to use at least v8.7 or newer (but not newer than 9.02) for the 9000 series cards.

I haven't yet tested video capturing with this version as I'm waiting for the final piece of the puzzle: the 4-pin Sound Blaster to AIW audio cable..

I'm also not sure if I should simply upgrade MMC to 8.8 or straight to 9.02, but the only MMC updates posted here are 8.7, 9.02 and 9.1.0. There was another thread that mentioned using full CD installers to do these updates instead of stand-alone updaters; hence my request above for a repost of CD 180-V01084-100.

-- merged --

Disregard my request: I redownloaded all parts and this time it was able to be pieced together and uncompressed succesfully.

Must have been a glitch during my initial download that caused the problem but it seems it's all good now.
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02-23-2019, 04:25 PM
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I have an ATI card, but I'm not sure which version. It has only an F connector input, the AV input for the purple dongle, and a mini-audio out jack. The chipset is Conexant Fusion, and the card is dated copyright 2000. I am attempting to install it in an older WinXP computer for video capture.
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05-15-2019, 03:35 AM
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Thanks for setting up this forum; there's a great deal of useful info and files.

I do have some questions, after trying a bunch of stuff that was recommended here.

I'm down to removing and reinstalling the software, but I have questions.

I have an old Sapphire X1650XT PCI-e VOVI card with the Theater 200 chip.

Sometimes, it captures beautifully, with version 5.1 of the windows movie maker, that I think came with this version of XPSP3, I'm not sure.

The winXP32 is stable, and doesn't crash.

I'm using the 10.2 drivers and WDM (From AMD), and like I said, capture does work, but it's iffy.

It will randomly, on some tapes, detect macrovision, and watching the composite output with a handheld DVD player configured as a line-in video monitor while capturing the S-video output makes me think it's the capture chip being overly sensitive, as the composite to the TV part is always fine.
The Handheld has no OTA capability, so there should not be an AGC circuit.

The tapes are either Camera tapes we recorded, birthdays and such, or tapes I copied on a vcr from another VCR, and they should not contain MV either. Also sourced from a cam, originally. All the copies fail MV.

After reading this thread, and testing with virtualdubmod, VDM doesn't capture at all, and the macrovision hack that supposedly fixes the input doesn't seem to work, and in fact seems to turn on macrovision all the time, even on tapes it worked with previously.
Reading the html file, I think it was for win98, so that could be a problem.

I put the original file back, and it's back to the way it was.

This computer is too new to load Win98 on, there are no drivers for it; it's a 6 core Xeon in a P6TD deluxe.

Since most of the posts here are for AGP cards, I was wondering if you would list what you consider to be the best software setup to minimize the macrovision errors.

I can't see how a stabilizer will help, since it's the capture chip that seems to be the error.

I'll check the output from the VCR tomorrow with an Oscope, to make sure IT's not generating an MV signal; I guess it could be flaking out, it's 20 years old or so, but it's a nice JVC -3800 S-VHS recorder.

I can wipe the drivers, and load a new set of files from here, but I have not done so yet; I just joined the forum so I can download your files.

I really appreciate you making these available for us; you're a dedicated set of guys.

So, to reiterate; which software setup is best to avoid false mv detection for the PCI-e cards?

Sorry to necropost, but I think it's relevant to this thread.
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