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astro 02-15-2012 08:05 AM

Top PAL VHS player - sharpest, best quality output, with a built in TBC ?
Hey lordsmurf,

I had a pana NV-FS200, which I loved (until it broke down [:-(] ).

Tried to service it, but some parts no longer available, and though they're good, the older machines are prone to break down. So... looking to buy the best pal s-vhs/vhs deck, money not an issue. I guess I need to tap your expertise on this subject a bit, as I don't have much experience. Although I do have one of those nice JVC S-VHS decks with the dynamic drum system (I can't remember the model) and while the picture isn't bad, it has a BAD tendency to chew tapes, if the heads or transport system gets dirty, which I DON"T want, as I'm archiving some old tapes, which are nigh on impossible to replace. So... if you were to recommend to me your top pick, for the sharpest, best quality output, with a built in TBC (full frame preferred), and all the other bells & whistles (DNR etc), what would you choose? Manufacturer doesn't matter, I just want the best possible output. BTW, I also have a Japanese made JVC HR-W5 which I just love, for the beautiful quality output. Hopefully there is a PAL model that can equal it. Look forward to hearing back from you.



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lordsmurf 02-15-2012 08:07 AM

My honest advise is to get another NV-FS200 (or the clones).
The clone brands/models are mentioned here:

I think that'd be the best choice for you.

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