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Mejnour 02-17-2012 10:03 AM

Problem with JVC HR-S9600U, drum seem to be inactive!

Yesterday I cleaned vcr head of my decks that I will need for my project.

I did clean heads supposely knowing what to do and what to avoid.... (I also have the service manual for the HR-S9600U if digitalfaq is interested, it's 21MB big)

I cleaned my JVC HR-S7600EK, HR-S9600U and HM-DH40000U.

They were all playing tape well before...

Now the problem that I have with the HR-S9600U is that he load the tape but the drum don't after fews second he close in "flashing"mode...

My bad luck was that then I opened again the HR-S7600EK to compare loading mechanism, I discovered that the drum have to spin before the tape get in contact with the drum. I did a couple of try to compare if others things may been different in mechanism and finally the HR-S7600EK caught the same syndrome, the drum don't spin anymore...:mad:

This morning I was scared to open the HM-DH40000U to compare, but this one is stable, I mean the drum spin before the tape contact.

My observations raise many question! Did I misaligne something during the heads cleaning that need to spin the drum.

Before going to the repair shop (often they just don't know what to do beside changing parts) I would like to have your opinions if it can narrow the problem...

I read several stuff about voltage since it happens after the cleaning I suspect that this is a mechanical problem...

Maybe something related to gears

Thanks in advance for you knowledge!

kpmedia 02-17-2012 10:41 AM


(I also have the service manual for the HR-S9600U if digitalfaq is interested, it's 21MB big
Yes, please multi-part RAR the file down to two pieces of about 12MB each (12m).
If needed, instructions on that process has been added here:


Maybe something related to gears
That's as good a guess as I could come up with. It's worth investigating further.
I cleaned two VCRs this week, but have not yet plugged them back in. Stuff like this is always a worry.

Mejnour 02-17-2012 10:50 AM

Thanks for the answer...

Also maybe I generated a short-circuit.

From this site we can read


Some VCR models will have a cap on the top of the video drum. This rotary cap makes the drum spin. If you have a model like this, position your finger on the top corner edge to rotate the drum. Clean as described above.
Actually in my quest to find a solution I did change the HR-S9600U 5 pins ribbon for the HR-S7600EK ribbon to see if it was a electrical issue. I may have forget to unplug the deck then I got this bubble!

That seem more plausible!? (Since I didn't touch the 5 pins HM-DM40000U ribbon)

I need to find a wait to reset to verified!?


Mejnour 02-17-2012 11:27 AM

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Originally Posted by kpmedia (Post 19599)
Yes, please multi-part RAR the file down to two pieces of about 12MB each (12m).


I got 12MB and 9.21MB rar file. According to premium member specs. I am allow to 16MB?

How I proceed to attach both?

I got this manual from that was the cheapest price I can found...

The first part of the manual is the user manual then the service manual begin...

kpmedia 02-17-2012 12:07 PM

I've amended the instructions:
The first attachment is here, and that's good. The second one just needs to be added to the above post.

Having the unit plugged in while cleaning it may have caused this, but that's really just a wild guess.
I honestly cannot say for certain what may have caused this. You've already done a good job of narrowing down possible causes.
I don't really have ideas on solutions either, aside from what you've posted, including the idea to just take it to a repair shop.

Mejnour 02-17-2012 12:30 PM

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Sorry I though it was 16MB max for my account!

The more I think about my problem the more I am convince that I did shortcircuit with the ribbon.

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