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JasonCA 12-15-2012 02:42 AM

VirtualDub Audio/Video Sync Still An Issue?
I've read that VirtualDub has had sync issues whereby frames can be dropped or new ones inserted. I suppose the reason was that the timing was locked to the audio? And so for capturing video, it's been suggested to use VirtualDub VCR+Sync to lock the timming to the video?

Is this still a problem in VirtualDub where you could loose frames on capture and not know? Or, does the latest stable VirtualDub version 1.9.11 pretty much solve the problem of lost frames now during capture where it's no longer suggested to use VirtualDub VCR+Sync?

What would be the reason to use VirtualDub VCR+Sync?

JMP 01-31-2013 01:05 AM

VirtualDub works just fine.
I think VirtualDub VCR+Sync is an older version of VirtualDub.

Dropped/lost frames when capturing sounds like it could be an issue with your capture settings. Also check to make sure that your hard drive isn't spinning down while capturing.

The settings to prevent lost/dropped frames has been covered here within the past 6 months, a little searching should pull them right up for you.


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