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rocko 01-19-2015 10:23 PM

What do Macrovision errors from ATI Card/MMC look like?
A few years ago,while testing my DVHS (w/TBC) - AVToolbox - ATI 9600XT (WinXP) Set-up, I was doing an A-B comparison for best capture results;..with DVHS TBC on,AVToolbox bypassed, then DVHS TBC off, AVToolbox in-line,(both w/same video clip) and one of the two tests (can't remember now) yielded video that was slightly changing brightness or luma/chroma or something,but was enough to be noticeable..And I did capture several tapes earlier with no problems (Both TBC's Running)..B-4 deciding to mess around!..But I was wondering if the Macrovision errors pop up now and then on AIW Card/Software, even when using the same master tape that worked fine B4?:screwy:

sanlyn 01-20-2015 02:47 PM

Macrovision protection will usually look as disturbed as you describe through just about any capture device (and sometimes worse), not just with AIW's.

You might try it again, but this time try to keep track of what you did. Otherwise no one can say much more about the problem. Also, we don't see any sample of the problem you described. And after all, we weren't there.

Sure sounds like copy protection to me, though.

rocko 01-20-2015 10:18 PM

Thanks sanlyn, It's been a while since diving back in to this, I'll read again how to up-load a short video?

msgohan 01-25-2015 01:08 PM

This page has some screenshots that look the same as my experience with a few Macrovision tapes when I used an AIW.

rocko 01-25-2015 10:53 PM

Thanks msgohan!,Nice Article on link, after reading I'm wondering if I ran the same section of My VHS too many Times?,even though I was very careful not to run it too much. I started to see brightness changes that I don't think were there b-4, Resembled Auto Iris fluctuations from VHS cam,.And I am running TBC from almost new VHS Player AND AVToolbox..Which brings to mind a question; I will post in "Capture" section: How many passes might "wear out" a High Quality VHS tape from early 1990's?

lordsmurf 01-26-2015 05:32 AM

FYI: That's thecoalman's site:

Remember that Macrovision is an artificial video error, and presents like actual video errors. It tends to tear (top of screen; a timing error), as well as have the IRE and gamma go nuts (AGC) with the picture brightening and dimming.

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