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Rafa_Chaves 04-02-2015 05:41 PM

Blackmagic video recorder USB - is it good?
Anyone here has something to say about this product:

Is it good?


Rafa_Chaves 04-03-2015 11:01 PM

No word about this? Blackmagic Design Video Recorder Usb! It was discontinued, but I found pretty nice reviews.

Since it's from Blackmagic, I can only imagine it's way better than an Elgato Crappyture Card...

Am i right?

NJRoadfan 04-04-2015 01:09 AM

1. It only captures highly compressed h.264 video.
2. Its from Black Magic, which means it likely never worked right to begin with
3. It doesn't even have a standard S-Video plug, which every other vendor of SD capture devices will include built in.

lordsmurf 04-04-2015 06:03 AM

Blackmagic Designs had a great reputation for their video software, and some early hardware, but that's it. Most of their capturing hardware suffers quality issues -- especially unreported dropped frames.

This device, as NJRoadfan has pointed out, has a several limitations that make it a poor choice.

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